VS2013 LightSwitch HTML Themes – Headers

LightSwitch HTML Theme Headers

New Screens in Office Azure Dark Theme

New Screens in Office Azure Dark Theme

Some sample screens with standard jQuery header formatting.

Headers, Footers and Toolbars

Here is a LightSwitch HTML client screen sporting the default light theme.


Auto-Tile Menu Default Light theme

Then here is a HTML client application with a theme called ‘Orchard’. Notice the correct rendering of the header after adjusting msls-light-2.0.0.css and msls-2.0.0.js for swatch support. The LightSwitch implementation does not use the JQuery Mobile header classes by default.

LightSwitch HTML Client drag and drop

LightSwitch HTML Client Orchard theme drag and drop list items

The default Microsoft LightSwitch msls-dark-2.0.0.css and msls-light-2.0.0.css style sheets have a definition to override the msls-header.ui-bar background style and set it to ‘inherit‘ from the body color.

msls-header.ui-bar background styles

msls-header.ui-bar background styles

To make the header bar styled as expected comment out the line:

background: inherit;

The header bar colour will then be set by your jQuery Mobile theme and swatch.

See this blog article for the menu template: LightSwitch HTML Screen Template – Auto-Tile Menu

See this blog article for sample themes: jQuery Mobile Themes suitable for LightSwitch Apps


We take you through all the shortcuts and tweaks to give style to your LightSwitch HTML applications and Cloud Business Apps! This article shows how to tweak the header bar style.


Failed upgrades, unloadable projects, old extensions, AIDE for LightSwitch will be there to help you through! Xpert360 consultants have real-world experience of reconstruction and resurrection of corrupt projects. Contact us if your need help troubleshooting your LightSwitch projects.


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