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Silverlight 5 RC – Getting started with PivotViewer

[Updated 06-SEP-2011 – NEW SAMPLES]

Lovely jubbly! Silverlight 5 RC is here


Do download the offline help CHM or use the matching online MSDN documentation which is now available – MSDN PivotViewer class

Next step: I need some sort of “Hello world” PivotViewer application, please…

Hello New World!

Look in the “PivotViewer class” help at the bottom, and/or download my sample. I have uploaded this very basic sample for DOWNLOAD as some people seem to be experiencing problems. If this simple sample doesn’t work then likely there is something wrong with your environment. My environment is W7 64-bit Ultimate, VS2010 Sp1, Sl5 Beta (not uninstalled; I know, bad boy, but I was in a rush 😉 and then Sl5 RC. Also quad-core 8GB memory, here is very simple stress test SAMPLE too, feel free to modify it. This simple works when not served from a web server.

It isn’t pretty but that is not the point. If you are having problems then get back to check out why. Happy PivotViewing! I’ll post some better samples in the next few days.

Hello world from SL5 RC PivotViewer!

Hello world from SL5 RC PivotViewer!

Hello OLD World!

Here is a sample mixing some legacy CXML collections from Xpert360 with some Silverlight 5 RC PivotViewer and some styling for you to play with. Again feel free to modify.


And some screen shots…

PivotViewer sample Silverlight 5 RC CXML style

PivotViewer sample Silverlight 5 RC CXML style

PivotViewer sample Silverlight 5 RC CXML style

PivotViewer sample Silverlight 5 RC CXML style


Debugging Data Bindings in XAML with Silverlight 4

[Last updated: 2011-05-24]
Yes, you read it correctly, Silverlight 4.
How can I do that?

Simply install the VS2010 SP1 and Silverlight 5 Beta and you get the unexpected bonus of the XAML Parser supporting debugging your data bindings for your Silverlight 4 projects. As SL5 sits nicely in VS2010 SP1 with SL4 it is worth installing the beta just for this feature.

Debugging XAML Binding in Silverlight 4

Debugging XAML Binding in Silverlight 4 - bonus!

I was at the @SLUGUK meeting 18th May 2011, and as Mike Taulty pointed out for other ‘features’, it is difficult to know whether such things as this were introduced by the service pack or the beta as nobody seems to have stopped to check in the rush to get the SL5 beta working 🙂

Checked against the NoDo Windows Phone 7 projects and it does not work, you can set a breakpoint but it cannot resolve the symbols. The new feature automatically creates the symbol names for you. I am optimistic that this feature will work with the Mango tooling to be released by end of May 2011 (that’s next week) [UPDATE: Mango beta no Xaml debugging for now].

No point in re-documenting the feature so:

Mike Taulty’s Blog: Silverlight 5 Beta Rough Notes – Debugging Data-Binding

Code Project: Debugging Data Bindings in XAML with SIlverlight 5 Beta

Further things to do and resources 
This article shows a nice side-effect encountered for Silverlight 5 projects after installing the Silverlight 5 Beta. Whether it is intended or here to stay we will have to wait and see but it has already proved to be a fantastic ROI.
Any comments or request for future topics are welcome.