SQLBits 7 Silverlight Session Picker

We are really looking forward to SQLBits this year, so we decided to take a couple of hours and put together a sample collection to show off pivot view and provide a little help with narrowing down exactly which sessions you want to attend next week. We’ve added some lovely photos of the presenters and other useful information on each tile view, when you deep zoom in…

Until we get the silverlight application completed, here are the zipped collection files and link to the Microsoft Live Labs demo viewer. Install the demo viewer first and then point the address to the location of the unzipped collection .cxml file or you can use a direct link to the server version of the cxml

Full online Silverlight Application version is available! As with all silverlight apps, works fine on most browsers and OS.

Here are a few screen shots for you

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you haven’t already booked to come to SQLBits 7 then hurry as places are going fast. We’ll see you there!


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