AIDE for LightSwitch General Release

Today saw the full commercial release of the long awaited AIDE for LightSwitch, a suite of power tools designed to assist LightSwitch developers.

AIDE for LightSwitch is a Visual Studio extension that advances the LightSwitch design experience. It surfaces hard-to-access metadata which complements working with the standard LightSwitch designer. Metadata is collected and presented in intuitive views to assist your development.

Designed and developed by our LightSwitch Experts and fully integrated into Visual Studio for a seamless user experience.

With Version 1.1 features such as Import and Export of screens, Entity Workbench and Project Optimisation already in final stages of development, we have released version 1.0 which includes a free upgrade to Version 1.1 for those who take advantage of the introductory offer available for a limited time.


CLONE Screen 

Ever wanted to copy a LightSwitch screen? AIDE provides a simple copy screen process from the Screen Workbench. No more starting over on each screen in your project.

Clone Screen

LightSwitch Explorer 

Getting the big picture can be difficult especially on medium to large LightSwitch Solutions. AIDE provides the following ‘must have’ functionality to make searching for properties a thing of the past.

LightSwitch Explorer

With the AIDE LightSwitch Explorer you can :

  • Examine your screen, entity, project and solution metadata in one window.
  • Sort, resize and re-order the output columns
  • Double-click  to launch the file, screen or entity in the design window
  • Export the data to the clipboard for further analysis in  Excel or paste into Word for documenting your application.

Screen Workbench

Bring together all your screen metadata in one location with drill-down links to related assets, design windows and code behind.

Screen Workbench

  • Examine all  your screen metadata in one location.
  • Compare the properties of your screens properties side-by-side.
  • Double-click to Launch standard edit and design windows and the code-behind.
  • Create copies or backups of screens.

Visual Studio IntegratION

Designed to run natively within Visual Studio 2012 with dockable windows and standard styling. Supports multiple projects in solutions and multiple instances of Visual Studio.

drag window

Coming Soon in Version 1.1


View the full product roadmap…

Find Out More

For more information or to download the Trial or Buy AIDE, visit the Xpert360 website and Product Forums or view the Visual Studio Gallery Product Page.

For a limited period AIDE is on a reduced introductory sale price which includes a free upgrade to Version 1.1 features when available. See website for details.

Xpert360 Lightning” and “AIDE for LightSwitch” are trademarks of Xpert360 Ltd, copyright 2013. 

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