Lightning Data Extension for Office365 and Exchange Email released

This week saw the release of the third Lightning Series Data Extension aimed at bringing Office365 and Exchange Email into Visual Studio LightSwitch.


The data extension provides a way for both beginners and more advanced developers to add out of the box email functionality to their Silverlight and HTML5 LightSwitch applications.

The data extension uses a standard LightSwitch connection string making it easy to deploy to IIS and Azure without any manual intervention.  The default exchange configuration lends itself to be used for web Support Forms,  application contact screens, and due to its compatibility with the HTML5 client can be used on mobile devices and tablets.

iPhone View of HTML5 Client

iPhone View of HTML5 Client

In addition to all standard email fields , features of the Emailer include;

  • Send on Behalf Of (delegates)
  • Override Default Sender (per email)
  • Add Attachment (sample code available)
  • AutoDiscover Office365 Server URL
  • Deployable Connection Settings
  • Support for Exchange 2007 SP2 to Exchange 2013 (Office365)
Same HTML5 Client in standard Browser

Same HTML5 Client in standard Browser

For more information visit the Xpert360 Youtube Channel for Demo screencasts, and follow this blog to download sample applications.

Free to Try,  or buy a version of the Data Extension from the Visual Studio Gallery or


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