Chocolate Theme Pack Sample – Mint Choc Chip

Lightning Series – Mint Choc Chip Theme

To celebrate the release of the  Xpert360 Chocolate theme pack Xpert360 have released this free theme based around mint choc chip and shades of green and chocolate with an added chocolate image. It is the third free chocolate theme and the fifth in a collection of free holiday and festive themes to be released by Xpert360 and can be downloaded from here.

Mint Choc Chip

Mint Choc Chip Theme

Mint Choc Chip Validation error

Mint Choc Chip Validation error

Mint Choc Chip Calendar

Mint Choc Chip Calendar

The theme targets the LightSwitch Silverlight Client v2+ that comes with Visual Studio 2012. It has been tested against the LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and the LightSwitch Standard Shell.


We have an internal application to import, edit and generate LightSwitch themes to make the work a lot easier and faster. The Cosmopolitan theme contains references to more than 500 colors! The Theme Generator application is itself written in LightSwitch. The theme is free and can be obtained from the Visual Studio Extensions gallery. This is the gallery posting – Xpert360Lightning -Mint Choc Chip Theme[V2,V3,SL] We hope you like it!


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