Xpert360 Lightning FUSION CE for VS2012 RC Released

[UPDATE: 20-JULY-2013] Xpert360 Lightning AIDE for LightSwitch

The community addition has been discontinued for the foreseeable future. The complexities involved in the rapid releases of Visual Studio and LightSwitch versions have taken their toll. It became unfeasible for us to maintain it for free. Unfortunate, but almost inevitable with the new release cadence.

The LightSwitch Clone Screen feature is available now in the paid for AIDE for LightSwitch product. AIDE supports LightSwitch V2, V3 and soon V4 flavours of LightSwitch projects, in Visual Studio 2012 versions to Update 3. This includes rich client and html client support (Silverlight and HTML5). V4 support will be in the AIDE version targeting VS2013 RTM later in the year.


The VS2012 RC version was packaged and uploaded for preview to the Visual Studio Gallery today. The LightSwitch 2011 version needs some final integration tests running tomorrow. We tried out the extension on the LightSwitch HTML Client VHD preview and we will build a version for that too.

Here in our Xpert360 development labs we have been busy prototyping, designing, building and testing companion products for Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 and 2012 RC. This is the first in the FUSION range that augment the LightSwitch designer capabilities. In time, we hope that similar features will be added to standard product. Meanwhile, we will support and enhance these extensions.

We have dedicated the LightSwitch Screen and Query Clone features to the Microsoft LightSwitch Team who are continuing to enhance and deliver arguably the most awesome RAD platform. Just look at that HTML Client preview!

Download from VS Gallery

Xpert360 Lightning Fusion CE in the VS Gallery

Xpert360 Lightning Fusion CE in the VS Gallery

Lightning Series FUSION - Entity List Details

Lightning Series FUSION – Contact entity in the prototype companion designer.

Lightning Series Fusion - Clone Screen Menu Item

Lightning Series Fusion – Clone Screen Menu Item

Clone LightSwitch Screens and Queries

Clone LightSwitch Screens and Queries

Click to reload the LightSwitch LSML files, reload the designer to access the cloned screen or query.

Do make sure you take backups and report back on your successful cloning. Any problems then get back to us and we will try to diagnose and fix.

Some points of note

  1. The new menu commands are available in the context menus for LightSwitch screens and queries in the solution explorer window.
  2. The name of the cloned entity is taken from the original entity name with a version number appended.
  3. Always make sure you take backups of your project.
  4. The clone functions manipulate the Client.lsml file.
  5. After cloning you will be prompted to reload the Client.lsml file, then the designer, this is normal behaviour.
  6. After the project reopens you can access the cloned screen or query.
  7. This extension works with VS2012 RC, not the HTML Client preview and not LightSwitch 2011.


Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the clone functions operate correctly in a wide variety of LightSwitch projects it is up to you to test and verify that it works in your environment, with your custom LightSwitch extensions, service packs, patch levels and complexity of screens.

The Xpert360 development team have performed extensive testing against all standard LightSwitch types, custom controls and custom business types including the Pixata controls.

We are now adept at running tools to diagnose and fix corrupt Lsml files, even manual Xml edits: so you don’t have to hopefully!

What it does not do

We have not tested against custom shells and all possible custom controls from third-parties. You can help yourselves and the community by providing feedback for third-party controls that work with FUSION CE and reporting any bugs to warn others and so that we can investigate and supply fixes.

The clone functions do not clone or copy custom C# or VB code associated with a screen or query.

We are in the final stages of packaging a version that works with LightSwitch 2011.

We are working on a preview version to work with the HTML Client VHD version of VS2012 RC.


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