PivotViewer Shorts Part 1: Hide Filter Pane Search Box

By default the Silverlight PivotViewer control automatically adds a search facet and displays a search box at the top of the filter pane. Some people have expressed a wish to modify the UX and remove this to prevent users performing free text search for some collections.
This short post shows how to locate the UI element for the search facet and then alter its visibility.
Locating the UI Elements

The flow of the code goes something like this:

  • Locate the “PART_Container” in the tree. This is a Grid control.
  • Locate the CollectionViewerView control.
  • Locate the FilterPaneView to access the child controls.
// Locate UI Elements
Grid partContainer = (Grid)this.GetTemplateChild(“PART_Container”);
CollectionViewerView CVV = (CollectionViewerView)(partContainer).Children[0]);
FilterPaneView FPV = (FilterPaneView)CVV.FindName(“PART_FilterPane”);
// For exposing the grid containing the search facet UI elements
ContentControl searchFacetGrid = (ContentControl)FPV.FindName(“m_searchFacetGrid”);
// Hide search facet
searchFacetGrid.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
You will need some internal Microsoft Pivot references and using’s too. Depending upon the extent of your other customizations you will need these:
using System.Windows.Pivot;
using Microsoft.Pivot.Internal.Controls;
using Microsoft.Pivot.Internal.Model;
using Microsoft.Pivot.Internal.ViewModels;
using Microsoft.Pivot.Internal.Views;
Further things to do
This article is a brief guide to locating some visual elements of the Silverlight PivotViewer control in order to hide the automatically generated search facet. It targets the developer who has already started customizing the Silverlight PivotViewer control beyond the public API.
Any comments or request for future topics are welcome.

2 responses to “PivotViewer Shorts Part 1: Hide Filter Pane Search Box

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  2. You can also hide the search box by setting all facets to IsWordWheelVisible=”false” in the cxml.

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