Adventures with PivotViewer – Part 3 Localization

You want to skin your PivotViewer controls but you also need to localize them for your users. The download files contain a full set of resource strings as contained in the assembly ‘System.Windows.Pivot.StringResources’ (1.0.6079.0).

You can override the PivotViewer ResourceManager using the PivotViewer.SetResourceManager() API method to set the external ResourceManager.

[UPDATE] The documentation has moved to: SetResourceManager and the PivotViewer API.


The PivotViewer control is globalization aware and even custom date formats, such as those shown in Graph View when drilling into DateTime categories, are defined in the resource files:
Silverlight Pivot Control Release Notes: Localization and Globalization

You can localize your PivotViewer application in the same manner as any other Silverlight application. Instructions for creating satellite assemblies can be found here:
How to: Add Resources to a Silverlight-based Application

The collection of resource files includes the following languages for a start:
French / Francaise : fr
German / Deutsch : de
Japanese / 日本語 : ja
Chinese (traditional) / 中文 : zh-CN
Russian / Русский язык : ru

e.g. Russian: ru
ClearAllFiltersButton=Убрать сортировку
CustomFilterPrompt=Что ищем?
See blog post: Как использовать PivotViewer для Silverlight в реальном проекте (часть I)
… and sample collection: Главная – Рецензии
Notice that Microsoft folks did not do a full translation, notice the ‘(no info)’ …

We can make this a community effort. If you like what you see than pass back corrections and additonal translations and I will post them here. If there is enough interest perhaps we can place the resource files on CodePlex.

[UPDATE] The full set of string resources finally got published by Microsoft here: Pivot_Internal_StringResources_Resources


Download the resource files:


6 responses to “Adventures with PivotViewer – Part 3 Localization

  1. Can we download sample code for localization ?


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  5. Thanks!

  6. Hello,

    I would like download the but the link is broken.
    Where could I find it?


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